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In Fall 2022, I participated in a dynamic case competition organized by the Walt Disney World Commercial Strategy team. Collaborating within teams, we were tasked with generating innovative concepts for a new Walt Disney World activation aimed at boosting visitation to its water parks—all within a tight timeframe of just two days. My team successfully crafted a compelling concept, which we presented to WDW Commercial Strategy executives. Our creativity and strategic approach earned us the prestigious first-place position in the competition.

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‘Mario Kart Tour’ tons of fun with heavy emphasis on price

Nintendo has released an addicting app based on one of their most popular games: “Mario Kart” called “Mario Kart Tour.” As much fun as it is, there are some downsides. “Mario Kart” has been around for decades and is a game that every one of all ages can enjoy. Nintendo has now made it more accessible and easy to play. With just a tap on a smartphone, gamers can now race with their favorite characters among other gamers around the world. Upon creating a Nintendo account, the user learns how to

OPINION: SoCal gets ready for Halloween

It’s officially the spooky Halloween season and there are a variety of seasonal offerings in Southern California that people should take advantage of. Whether it’s looking for a small local pumpkin patch, getting scared for the night at Universal Horror Nights, or have some villain fun at Disney California Adventure, there is something for everyone to do this Fall. Over at Universal Studios, Horror Nights is back. Horror Nights is an extremely popular event that has been attracting crowds for

‘Tall Girl’ is typical romance teen film

Netflix just rolled out their newest teen romance last month called “Tall Girl.” The film isn’t necessarily bad, but it is definitely problematic. The movie is entertaining without a doubt, but viewers are left feeling like, “Did I really just watch that?” as the credits are rolling. Netflix is well known for its recent teen romance films including “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” the “Kissing Booth,” and the “Perfect Date.” Some are a hit with audiences, while some fall flat. The film i

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ embodies new era for life, career

The album “Lover” is Taylor Swift’s seventh album, and is filled with romantic and airy synthetic songs perfect for the end of summer. It’s been over a year since Taylor Swift has released new music. Her last album in 2017, “Reputation,” was dark, reflective and bitter. Nonetheless, it sparked a new era for Swift. The inspiration for her new era came from her scandal involving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. West had called Swift because he was writing a new song and wanted to include a lyric

OPINION: Students can find fun at theme parks this summer

The spring semester is coming to a close with summer just around the corner. It’s time to unwind after all of the hard work we’ve put into school. What better way to do that than to discover new and immersive adventures at Southern California theme parks. There are some big things opening this summer that have been long anticipated. The exciting and groundbreaking new attraction at the Disneyland Resort, “Stars Wars:” Galaxy’s Edge starts welcoming its first guests May 31. This new addition

OPINION: Society sets gender roles standards

Movies, Television shows, and music are a constant influence on our daily lives, but the gender stereotypes they perpetuate can be troubling. The gender stereotypes that are pushed by the media are then copied by society and it’s doing more harm than good. The gender roles we see in the media shape our everyday lives whether it’s in our personal or interpersonal relationships or in the workplace environment. The idea of gender roles are given to us at an early age. For example, when shopping fo

Taylor Swift disappoints fans with lazy song

“Me!” is the latest basic catchy pop song from Taylor Swift. It is super vague with lines like “And there’s a lot of cool chicks out there” and “there’s a lot of lame guys out there.” It doesn’t offer any substance such as her previous work. It’s a disappointment coming from a singer-songwriter with past hits such as “Blank Space,” where Swift critiqued how the media portrayed her, or her more soulful and emotional heartbreak hits such as “Back to December,” “Dear John,” or “I Knew You Were Tr

Sociology Club hosts clothing donation drive

Club encourages students to pick up and drop off donations The Sociology Club wants to help bring confidence to students that can’t afford nice clothes. From now until the end of the semester, the Sociology Club is hosting a clothing donation drive to help students on campus who can’t afford clothing, no questions asked. Anyone is able to donate or pick up from this donation box located at the front desk in the Social Science Department building F7-307. “It basically came from the need that

‘Shazam!’ transforms future of DC

It’s no secret that DC has had trouble with its films over the past few years, especially with their competitor, Marvel. “Shazam!” changes that same old formula and delivers a refreshing movie filled with light-hearted laughs and charm that is perfect for the whole family. The film opens with the old wizard Shazam who is looking for someone to replace him and guard the earth from the monsters known as the seven deadly sins. The catch is he needs to find someone who is pure at heart, which pro

OPINION: Student discounts unlock magic at local theme parks

Now that the fall semester is coming to an end, the holidays are rapidly approaching. After a long couple of weeks of studying, it’s time to unwind for a bit and enjoy time with family and loved ones. What better way to do so than in a theme park? Southern California is full of entertainment such as Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. Visiting these parks can give one a sense of wonder and enchantment. ELAC student Michael Ramos said, “It’s pretty nice to visit during the holidays. I esp

Dogs have gone dirty in downtown LA

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Dirt Dog is the place to eat. Dirt Dog has a massive following on instagram, rounding out to 87.2 thousand. Its Instagram page, @dirtdogla, is covered in mouth-watering pictures of all the delicious food they have to offer. Dirt Dog’s menu has all of your favorite street foods in one place. Their most famous item is their Dirt Dogs, hence the name. Dirt Dogs are wrapped in bacon and come in different styles of the classic hot dog. Some styles incl

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Bringing the Magic to Life at Disneyland

Growing up just like many other children around the world, I was exposed to the Disney brand through movies, television, toys and ​theme parks at an early age. My mother absolutely adored all things Disney and instilled that into me growing up. I had Disney Princess costumes, Mickey Mouse toys and monthly trips to Disneyland. As the years went by, my family size grew and Disneyland became more of a luxury due to the costs. Although I couldn’t go to Disneyland much like I used to, my love for all things Disney was something I always carried with me. As soon as I got a job at fifteen though, I saved up and bought myself my very own Disneyland annual pass. I went to Disneyland more frequently and began to appreciate it more for what it was. It was like experiencing it again in a whole new way. I loved seeing how the nightly fireworks beautifully lit up the sky above the castle or the sweet smell of waffle cones as you enter the park along Main Street USA. As I began to go almost every other weekend, I wondered what it would be like working here and being apart of the magic. It became a dream of mine that I couldn’t wait to achieve. Now, I’ve been apart of bringing the magic to life at the Disneyland Resort for three years.

Communication through the Ages

We humans have always craved interaction with one another. The way we have has constantly evolved as technology progresses. The way we communicate has given us many opportunities to grow with one another. It has created many jobs and given us new ways to interact with the world around us. Social media platforms have allowed us to share things instantly for the world to see. We have the ability to communicate with someone across the globe in just mere seconds as well as the ability to get information instantly. We can simply ask an Amazon Echo device, “Alexa, what is the weather tomorrow?” without having to even physically check yourself. Cell phones have advanced greatly with the ability to text message someone or to FaceTime (video chat) with anyone. We can also email professors or coworkers instantly from smartphones. These improvements can be seen positively but there are also some negatives when it comes to how we communicate. In fact, most of our communicating is done through cell phones or laptops, rather than face to face interaction. We may be too dependent on technology helping us and not having the proper skills to function through life, such as cooking or for directions. The way technology has shaped communication is affecting us both positively and negatively as we progress through time.

Uber Makes Big Changes to Improve Customer Trust, But Could Face New Risks

This paper revolves around the company Uber and how they are trying to create a better image for themselves using five sources to prove that. The articles “8 Ways Uber's New CEO Is Changing Its Image” and "Uber is working to win you back. (But it also needs you to pay more.)” explains how the change of Dara Khosrowshahi as a ​new CEO, is helping win back customers through his humility, compassion, and dedication shown through his Twitter account. The article comparing Uber to Lyft titled "The Ultimate Lyft vs. Uber Comparison (for drivers and riders)” shows the key differences between the two ride-sharing companies while also explaining how Uber’s scandals have affected riders choosing one over the other. Lastly, Uber expressed interest in possibly going into the electronic scooter/rental market, but that interest could lead to potentially damaging the image they have worked hard to heal over time. The risks of going in that market are included in the articles “CDC says there’s an epidemic of e-scooter injuries that could easily be prevented” and “Uber warns its big push into scooters and e-bikes is creating unusual new headaches and risks for the company”.